施耐德’s of Capitol Hill: It’s a Family Affair



A seemingly permanent fixture 在 the Washington, D.C., liquor landscape, 施耐德’s of Capitol Hill has been one of the area’s most famous liquor stores since 1949. In business for more than sixty years, its legacy goes back even further, with many of its vintage spirits and wines dating to long before 施耐德’s of Capitol Hill opened its doors.



The history of 施耐德’s dates back to 1915, to before Prohibition altered the landscape of alcohol 在 America forever, when Rubin Genderson purchased a bar known as Walter’s, which primarily sold locally brewed beer. His family lived above the bar and the early years of business were positive. But 在 1917 Prohibition came 在to effect 在 the nation’s capital—prior to the national ban 在 1920—and everything changed.

詹德森开始在浴缸中酿造非法酒 above the store, selling non-alcoholic beer to keep the authorities off his back. Eventually, Rubin moved 在to another line of work, leaving the days of legal and illegal liquor behind him. But his son Abe took up the family trade 在 1949, with the help of his father-in-law Max 施耐德.

Max 施耐德
Max 施耐德

施耐德’s, as it became known, was an 在stant hit and grew 在to one of the biggest alcohol retailers 在 the area. In those early days, the two owners and two other family members were the only staff working 在 the store. Today 施耐德’s hires a staff of experts to keep the store up and running.

These experts 在clude general manager Joe Prebble, who oversees overall operations. Prebble has worked at 施耐德’s for over a decade and has been a familiar fixture; both customers and employees alike have enjoyed his easy-going communication skills. He has the enviable job of tasting many of the wines and spirits that come 在to the 20,000 square-foot storeroom. His assistants 在clude Terry Brown (wine manager), Richard Bobrow (spirits manager), and Tristan Walton (beer director).




施耐德's of Capitol Hill
施耐德’s of Capitol Hill

Most bottles can be bought 通过 the case, and all are imported with the 在put of 施耐德’的员工,他们遍历世界各地寻找最佳的酒,然后再进行一次以确保瓶内的产品是在外面宣传的产品。

施耐德’s is a family business. It has all of the charm of an 在dependent retailer, with the scale and the variety of a chain. This combination is what has helped make 施耐德’s one of the best destinations for quality spirits 在 the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. It offers the care and attention to detail that comes with a family business, but with the competitive prices and sheer size that comes with a bigger retail outlet.


施耐德’s has a large selection of the finest Scotch whiskies. These range from popular 12-year-old Speyside single malts like Aberlour and Balvenie to Lowland malts like Auchentoshan Three Wood, to Highland classics like Dewar’s. If you like your whiskey old and rare (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) they have a very rare, limited edition 200th Anniversary Johnnie Walker Blue, a 25-year-old Macallan, and a 30-year-old Highland Park. Other premium spirits 在 the 施耐德’的收藏包括:

2008 Midleton: A release of Midleton, Very Rare, that is now getting quite hard to find. It shows that Irish whiskey should not be overlooked and is a great option for both drinkers and collectors. This particular Irish malt, at almost $500, is the most expensive 在 the 施耐德’的收藏;它是由拥有颇受欢迎的詹姆森(Jameson)品牌的同一家酿酒厂生产的,据说这种特殊的瓶子是他们生产过的最特别的瓶子之一。

Courvoisier Erte#8
Courvoisier Erte#8

Courvoisier Erte#8: 这款罕见的干邑白兰地每瓶售价为3,000美元。但作为回报,您将获得无与伦比的品味,每个科涅克白兰地鉴赏家都会欣赏到这种体验。 Courvoisier Erte系列包含八个瓶子,每个瓶子都有自己独特的口味,并且每个瓶子都有自己独特的展示盒。


黑托最后一次托运: Described as a “piece of liquid history,” this is not only one of the rarest bottles of rum 在 the 施耐德’的收藏,但是世界上最稀有的收藏之一。这是英国皇家海军朗姆酒的最后一次正式托运,结束了使世界上最强大的舰队之一的船员加油数百年的传统。它生产于1970年,并带有精美的展示盒。

法兰萨克70: 这是他们收藏中最古老的物品之一,拥有70年历史的科涅克白兰地,是有史以来最精美的酒瓶之一,以保持这种精致的精神。蒸馏器将这种饮料描述为“平衡”和“复杂”的,其口味包括“蘑菇,旧皮革和烟草”。

施耐德s’s wants showcase the very best of America’s earlier and more recent history




The history of US distilling may not be as extensive, but after the difficulties of prohibition, the development of a host of unique flavors and techniques has led to American spirits like bourbon, rye whiskey, and even single malts 在creasingly gaining respect around the world. And 施耐德’s是希望将这些精神脱颖而出,以展示美国更早和最近的历史最好的零售商之一。

Most of the 施耐德’美国的股票是禁酒后禁酒,其中包括来自库珀烈酒公司的16年历史的纯黑麦威士忌和由萨泽拉克(Sazerac)生产的极为罕见的范温克尔家庭储备。还有一些世界上最受欢迎的美国烈酒的限量版,包括吉姆·比姆和杰克·丹尼尔斯。